Faith in Jesus Christ is a very personal decision. In it you open your life to Jesus in hope and trust. Though a very personal decision, it is an experience shared by all Christians. Opening our hearts to Jesus, we admit that we cannot erase the sins we have committed or make ourselves perfect. We accept that we are responsible to God, our creator, for what we have done. We turn to Jesus because we believe that through his death on the cross, he took our penalty upon himself. He gives us hope through forgiveness of our sin. In asking for God's forgiveness we entrust our lives to God’s promise to give new life and eternal life to those who trust in Jesus. Once we put our faith in Jesus, God can become present in our lives to impart strength and guidance as never before.

It's your life and your decision. Will you trust in Jesus, ask God's forgiveness, and entrust your life to God's care and direction? You can take the first step now - pray, talk to God. If you're not sure what to say - here's a suggestion:

Dear God, I admit that I have sinned and I know that without you I can never overcome it. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for me and he took my penalty there. I believe he is the Savior. Please, forgive me for my sin. I am trusting in your promise through Jesus to give me a fresh start and eternity in heaven. I put my life in your hands. I want you to lead me and change me. Thank you, Lord!

Read in the Bible: John 3:16-20; Romans 3:22-26, 5:8, 6:23, 1st John 1:5-10