When a man and women decide they want to marry they are encouraged to set up an


appointment with our Pastor. During the initial meeting, general informations, such as dates, use of the


church, desires of the bride and groom are defined. At that time, the needs of the relationship is assessed by the Pastor to determine the number of marriage counseling sessions that will be necessary.


                As it is stated in 2 Corinthians 6:14, it is important that both the man and women are of the Christian belief, have been baptized, and are interested in having their marriage rooted in Christ. It is also important, especially in today’s world to have a church home that will support and nurture the new couple as they begin their life together.


                Those interested in speaking with our Pastor may call and set up an appointment at 724-529-2925.


May God Bless you in your new life together.


Click here to download and complete the Wedding Information Sheets prior to your appointment.


Spicola - Firestone Wedding  --  July 12, 2014

Spicola Firestone 20140712 1   Spicola Firestone 20140712 2

Spicola Firestone 20140712 3   Spicola Firestone 20140712 4

Spicola Firestone 20140712 5